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Net only, 18"H x 33"w with 3" squares. This net is hand-tied from 10lb braided fishing line and has a very small diameter. Each knot is doubled for superior strength and to reduce slippage. I used these nets exclusively for trapping merlins during the past several seasons and did not have a single bird see the nets. This is the best net I've ever seen or used in 25 years of falcon trapping. In the photos you can see this net beside a "standard dho-gazza net" cut from gill netting. If you are serious about merlin trapping, this is THE net.


Tip - When trapping merlins and small raptors with this net, it's easiest to remove the bird head first through the net. Just slip the line over the bird's shoulders and it will slip right off.

Ultimate Hand-tied Portable Dho-gazza Net

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