These decals are 1.5" -  2" wide and made of heat transfer vinyl.  They are easily applied to your face mask, t-shirt or any cotton fabric with a household iron. If you are ONLY ordering these decals, please choose "Iron-on decal ONLY!" and we will ship it for free. *See "Iron-on decals Shipping Info" to the right. Available in either black or white and you can order the merlin falcon, Harris's Hawk chasing a rabbit or hooded peregrine. To apply just place the decal where you want it (clear plastic side up) and press with an iron (set on high without steam) with medium pressure for 30 seconds. Allow the decal to cool and carefully peel off the plastic. If you need an instructional video:

Iron-on Decals

  • Only ordering Iron-on decals - Free Shipping!

    We are offering free shipping on the Iron-on decals.  Even though the PayPal link will default to "Store Pickup", we will ship it to your address for free!  This was the only way to provide Free Shipping for only this item on our website.  If you are ordering other items in addition to the Iron-on decals, choose Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express for your order.

  • If you are only ordering iron-on decals, please be sure to put your shipping address in the provided field below the Color & Bird selections.  You only need to enter it once if ordering multiple iron-on decals.  PayPal won't share your shipping address if it's just this item.  If you forget, you can send it to us through the "Contact Us" link on the website.