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This is a 2" Pole Perch Kit. The kit includes everything shown except for the bucket, mute pan and concrete (Merlin also not included). You will receive 3 pole sections and 2 caps. This perch has a removable cap for cleaning (spare cap included). The leash runs down through a hole in the top of the perch and secures using the cam cleat on the front (always tie the end of the leash through the hole in the perch next to the cam cleat for safety.) I've used this system for years on merlins and peregrines without a single problem.


When you receive the kit, you will need to obtain a 2-gallon bucket and a small bag of concrete (you can use larger bucket if you want more weight): instructions will be included. You will mix the concrete in your bucket and insert the short PVC pipe with holes into the concrete. Ensure the pipe is level and allow to set. You can also optionally add a pan with a hole cut in it to catch the mutes.

Pole Perch Kit 2" PVC

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